Children's Book Industry for Professionals
  • discussion
    December, 14 2020
    Children's Book Fairs survive during pandemic
    Irina Rocheva, director of the LiteraTula children's book festival
    Elena Pazoli, Bologna Children's Book Fair Director
    Andrey Gelmiza, director of the New Moscow International Children's Book Fair, the Moscow International Book Fair, the Red Square book festival.
    Moderator: Olga Chumicheva, head of PR New Moscow International Children's Book Fair (New MICBF) and the Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF)
  • presentation
    December 13, 2020
    Focus on Russia: newborn children's publishing houses
    Maria Zimina, co-founder of the children's literature bookstore Chudetstvo
    Anastasia Troyan, editor-in-chief, Kit (Whale) publishing house
    Natalia Eichwald, CEO Publishing House 5/4 (Five Quarters)
    Anastasia Orlova, editor-in-chief of "Anastasia Orlova's Book House"
    Igor Grizhuk, Foreign Rights and Licensing manager at Apricotbooks Publishing LLC
  • lecture
    December 19, 2020
    Russian Market Focus. Comics, graphic novels and manga. Comics: art number nine.
    Nicolas Grivel, of the Nicolas Grivel Agency, tells on the state of comics publishing in Europe, Russia and North America: trend of the various genres and analysis of the different targets of readers (comics for children, YA, etc.)
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    Is a literary journal for children possible today?
    Alexey Oleinikov, editor-in-chief of the "Cover" magazine.
    Anastasia Troyan, editor-in-chief of the Kit publishing house.
    Olesya Shchukina, animation director and illustrator.
    Yulia Tonkonogova, publisher of parent media Chips journal, NEN and Our Children.
    Polina Korotun, head of the marketing department for the children's magazines PonyMashka and Klassny Zhurnal.
    Moderator: Vera Timenchik, curator and producer of children's programs and projects, author of the book "Family with us and with others."
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    Book rights: children's book industry
    Irina Balakhonova, director of the Samokat publishing house
    Andrine Pollen, Senior Advisor at NORLA, (a non-profit literary foundation. Norwegian literature abroad).
    Moderator: Natalia Lomykina, journalist, book reviewer.
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    Speaking of genres: picture books, comics, silent books: how they differ from one another?
    Alexandra Bazhenova-Sorokina
    philologist, teacher, educator. Nicolas Grivel, literary agent (Nicolas Grivel Agency).
    Moderator: Maria Orlova, PR director of the Samokat publishing house. Since 2020, pr-director of the Gus-Gus audio application.
Book Marketing and PR
Publishers and bookstores are continuously improving methods and tools for promoting books. The block of educational broadcasts on book marketing and book sales helps to expand professional knowledge and forms a professional community filled with opportunities for learning and communication.
Hybrid Marketing
Marketing today uses the latest approaches at the intersection of competencies to keep up with the rapidly changing reality. Book marketers and visiting experts discuss how the publishing industry can leverage the experiences and trends of innovative types of marketing.
  • case study
    December 23, 2020
    Livebook Publishing House, 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards Winner Matt Haig
    "Midnight Library"
    Olga Lyabina, director and editor-in-chief, publishing house Livebook (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Matt Haig, writer (Great Britain)
    Olga Chumicheva
    , Head of PR Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF), MIBF Online, New
    Moscow International Children's Book Fair (NewMICBF) (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • discussion
    December 25, 2020
    Digital Trends for the Book Industry in 2021: How New Formats Will Help To Promote Books
    Tanya Ivanova, social media expert, founder of Hello blogger digital agency
    Dmitry Yaronov, Fiction Department Marketing Director, AST Publishing House
No Budget Promo
How to effectively apply creative and low-cost promotion tools in book publishing: cross-promo, newsjacking, loyalty programs, viral content and native advertising, PR analytics and budget-free services.
  • discussion
    December 18, 2020
    Budget-free promo: 20 budget-free PR tools based on book cases
    Konstantin Bocharsky. Founder of the online service Pressfeed.ru
    Vera Trakhimovich. Founder of the PRPraktika school, PR-lead team for working with the media of the publishing house MIF.
Book Trade
New schemes of interaction between publishers, booksellers and book distributors, expansion of distribution channels and new formats of communication with buyers - experts discuss current cases of the book trade. The focus is on development strategies for independent bookstores, the creation and expansion of online stores for publishers that can compete with marketplaces.
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    How to open an art store and not to fail
    Polina Bondareva, ideologist of the Masters Bookstore, a bookstore with rare art books, founder
    of the St. Petersburg Masters school, a private educational project with lectures on the history of
    fine arts, cinema, literature, arts and crafts (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Oleg Chernousov, founder of the Most art bookstore (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Pieter Verbeke, founder of the San Serriffe art bookstore (Amsterdam, Holland)
    Elena Krylova, owner of the gallery and art store Cubed (Moscow, Russia)
MIBF Illustrators program
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    Can online teaching be effective for illustrators?
    Ivan Canu, Mimaster Illustrazione - The Illustrators Survival Corner director
    Giacomo Benelli, Mimaster Illustrazione - The Illustrators Survival Corner coordinator
    Andrey Gelmiza, director of the New Moscow International Children's Book Fair, the Moscow International Book Fair, the Red Square book festival.
  • discussion
    December 21, 2020
    Illustrators' job in online environment: what? is missed and what is gained?
    Ivan Canu, Mimaster Illustrazione - The Illustrators Survival Corner director
    Giacomo Benelli, Mimaster Illustrazione - The Illustrators Survival Corner coordinator
    Andrey Gelmiza, director of the New Moscow International Children's Book Fair, the Moscow International Book Fair, the Red Square book festival.
Museum Line
  • presentation
    The Art of Translation. The first complete collection of poetic translations by Marina Tsvetaeva
    Elena Zhuk, Director of the House Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, Doctor of Sociology (Moscow, Russia)
    Alina Popova, translator, literary critic, member of the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg, Doctor of Philology (Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Alessandro Achilli, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Milan
    Moderator: Ekaterina Zvorykina, MIBF Museum Line curator (Moscow, Russia)
  • book
    Marina Tsvetaeva. In the Light of a Lamp. Collection of poetic translations
    Among the translations collected in this edition are the works of Shakespeare, Rilke, Nietzsche, Baudelaire, Goethe, Lorca, Franco, Mickiewicz, Jewish poets, all the poetic translations of Tsvetaeva identified to date.
    Authors-compilers: A. Akilli, L. A. Vikulina, K. A. Grigorieva, E. B. Korkina, T. F. Neshumova, V. S. Polilova, A. I. Popova, R. Rusev
    Publishing house: Boslen, The Institute of Translation, 2020
  • presentation
    Ways of Integrating Book Printing into Digital Storytelling
    Ivor Crotty, Deputy Director of RT's Innovation Projects Directorate, editor, lecturer, and sociologist
    Anna Fedorova, Creative producer of RT's innovation projects
    Lena Medvedeva, Editor, copywriter
    Denis Davydov, Curator of the KNIGABYTE Innovation Forum
  • meeting
    The aesthetics of epidemics. Middle Ages
    Georgy Lordkipanidze film producer, Russia
    Valeria Kosyakova, Doctor of Culturology, a lecturer at the Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia
    Sergei Zotov, philologist, cultural anthropologist, UK
    Svetlana Yatsyk, medievalist historian, Doctor of History, France
  • book
    Modern Russian wooden house
    Russian Russian architecture 100 wooden houses – the best buildings of Totan Kuzembaev, Nikolai Belousov, Alexander Brodsky, Alexey Rosenberg and other modern Russian architects, arranged in chronological order, unwittingly reflect the history of the latest Russian architecture of the country house of the last twenty years.
    Author: Nikolay Malinin
    Publishing house: GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, 2020
  • book
    In search of the lost sound. Experimental sound culture of Russia and the USSR in the first half of the twentieth century
    In the series "GARAGE.txt" the monograph of the founder of the Thermin Center, Andrey Smirnov, has been published. The book is devoted to the history of the art of sound and music technology in Russia and the USSR in the first half of the twentieth century. Developments of that time in the field of sound, for a long time unknown to the general reader, are still striking today, almost a hundred years later, as confirmed by modern practice.
    Author: Andrey Smirnov
    Publishing house: GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, 2020
  • almanac
    Art in outer space. 01.2020
    The design of planetary nebulae
    The issue of zina is timed to coincide with the personal exhibition of Rostan Tavasiev "Designing Planetary Nebulae" (2020), and includes articles by the artist and astrophysicist Sergey Popov.
    "Outstanding artists Vyacheslav Koleychuk, Francisco Infante-Arana, Olafur Eliasson work fruitfully with outer space.
    Authors: Rostan Tavasiev, Sergey Popov
    Publishing house: The almanac was released with the participation of "Book Corner. Lives and works"
  • book-album
    Draw with Zverev. Landscape. Series of albums
    The creative experiment is part of the educational programs that the museum conducts within the walls of the museum and on online portals. The art assignments in the book, which is also a drawing album, are related to the artist's works, texts, and poems.
    Publishing house: AZ Museum, 2018-2020
  • book
    VKHUTEMAS — VKHUTEIN. Printing Faculty. 1920 -1930
    The two-volume book, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of VKhUTEMAS, contains materials that tell about the Printing Faculty of VKhUTEMAS-VKhUTEIN, about its teachers and students, about how their fates developed. The books include biographies of teachers and students of the faculty, a catalog of student printed works (1920 -1930), a catalog of collective works of faculty graduates (1927 -1954).
    Author: Leonard Chertkov
    Publishing house: Boslen, 2020
  • book
    How to watch a movie
    One of the most famous Russian film critics tried to give simple and clear answers to the main questions about cinema. Konstantin Bronzit, a well-known animator and artist (as well as an Oscar nominee), created funny and unusual illustrations.
    Author: Anton Dolin
    Illustrator: Konstantin Bronzit
    Publishing house: Alpine Kids, 2020
  • book-quest
    Adventure game "To dig in Egypt"
    The book-quest based on the material and plans of the exhibition halls of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts invites you to make an imaginary journey to Ancient Egypt and experience a lot of adventures: to pave the way through unfamiliar terrain, overcome numerous difficulties and find mysterious treasures. The publication is provided with a dictionary of terms and names.
    Author: Olga Dyuzheva
    Publishing house: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, 2020
  • guide-comics
    Journey through the Hermitage. Queen of the Tulips
    The museum comic by the St. Petersburg artist Varvara Tomato tells the chamber story of a walk through several halls of the Hermitage. A miniature book of almost pocket-sized format impresses with the thoughtfulness of the details. A non-boring guide for dreamers, which will interest not only children, but also adults.
    Author: Darya Agapova
    Illustrator: Varvara Pomidor
    Publishing house: The State Hermitage, Arca, 2018
  • book
    How to look at sculpture? Series "Learning to Look"
    What is sculpture? What are its characteristics? How to look at a sculpture in order to see it?
    This richly illustrated book describes materials, techniques, and types of sculpture, ranging from graceful figurines to monumental equestrian statues, and contains a fascinating overview of the history of sculpture from ancient times to the present, its favorite characters and motives.
    The book is intended for children of 11-15; it can be used by school teachers of art history and museum educators.
    Author: Nadezhda Kovaldina
    Publishing house: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, ABCdesign, 2020
  • book
    Dutch painters of the 17th century. Series "Learning to Look"
    This book in the series of "Learning to Look" begins with a brief historical overview of 17th-century Dutch painting, the period known as the Dutch Golden Age. The author provides a detailed and fascinating description of its distinctive themes, motives and genres, such as landscape, scenes of everyday life and the famous Dutch still life. A special section is dedicated to the great painter Rembrandt. This profusely illustrated edition is intended for children of 11-15.
    Author: Irina Zakharova
    Publishing house: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, ABCdesign, 2020
  • book
    How to look at graphics? Series "Learning to Look"
    The book reveals specific characteristic of graphics as an artistic language using the example of a particular type of graphic arts – drawing. Several sections are devoted to the techniques and materials of graphics. The author treats complex subjects in a simple, captivating and detailed manner, while abundant illustration makes the journey through graphic arts even more exciting.
    The book is intended for children of 11-15 and can be used in class by school teachers and museum educators.
    Author: Anna Chudetskaya
    Publishing house: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, ABCdesign, 2020
  • book-album
    Draw with Zverev. Portrait. Series of albums
    The creative experiment is part of the educational programs that the museum conducts within the walls of the museum and on online portals. The art assignments in the book, which is also a drawing album, are related to the artist's works, texts, and poems.
    Publishing house: AZ Museum, 2018-2020
MIBF at Belgrade Book Fair
December 11-13, 2020
The new electronic platform MIBF ONLINE opens with a series of events for the Belgrade Book Fair.

Russia takes part in the 65th Belgrade Book Fair on December 11-13, 2020.

Five events will be broadcast on the electronic platform of the new international book fair MIBF ONLINE http://mibf.info/onlinefair and on the Belgrade Book Fair website https://sajamknjiga.rs.
MIBF ONLINE is a new international book fair that is held online and does not depend on the restrictions and limitations associated with the pandemic.

At a time when book fairs and festivals are canceled and postponed due to the epidemiological situation, the new online fair will revive regular meetings and connect book professionals from all over the world throughout the year. The MIBF ONLINE fair will become an electronic platform not only for our country's participation in international fairs but also for holding business and readers' events in all regions of Russia.

The organizer and operator of the new international book fair MIBF ONLINE is the team of the Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF).
Program of events for the Belgrade Book Fair
Joint project of the MIBF and the Yeltsin Center
  • Discussion
    December 8, 2020
    Participant: EVGENY VODOLAZKIN, writer and literary critic, Doctor of Philology

    Moderator: IRINA BARMETOVA, literary critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine Oktyabr (October)
  • Discussion
    December 8, 2020
    Participants: PAVEL BASINSKY, writer and literary critic and VLADISLAV OTROSHENKO, writer and essayist

    Moderator: IRINA BARMETOVA, literary critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine Oktyabr
  • Discussion
    December 9, 2020
    ALEXEI VARLAMOV, writer, researcher of the history of Russian literature of the 20th century, rector of the Maxim Gorky Literary Institute,
    LEONID YUZEFOVICH, writer, screenwriter and historian, and
    LJUBINKA MILINCIC, translator, writer, and editor-in-chief of the Sputnik agency
    Moderator: IRINA BARMETOVA, literary critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine Oktyabr
  • Discussion
    December 10, 2020
    ALEXEI IVANOV, writer, screenwriter, and culturologist and
    ROMAN SENCHIN, writer and literary critic

    Moderator: IRINA BARMETOVA, literary critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine Oktyabr
The Shanghai International Children's Book Fair ran from the 13th to 15th of November 2020, during which books were presented by 14 key players in the industry of Russian children's book publishers, including leading Russian museums: "V-A-C Press", "Apricotbooks" "Eye Books", "Alpina Children", "AST", "Albus Corvus", "Boom Kniga", The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and ABCdesign, The State Hermitage and "Arca" publishers, "Kit Read", "KompasGid", "Peshkom Books", "Pink Giraffe Books" and "Samokat".
Museum Line at #LiberDigital2020
October 27-29, 2020
Museum Line took part in Liber International Book Fair program, which was held this year in a new format:
#LiberDigital. As a part of Russian participation in the International Book Fair Liber (Barcelona, Spain), Museum Line presented two panel discussions on professional topics that are open for discussion as part of the Museum line program at the MIFF 2020, aimed to strengthen existing and create new connections in the art world through the connection of books, art and the Museum. These diverse connections are collected in the Museum line project, which has been helping museums and cultural institutions promote their book publishing for several years, and aims to expand the influence of books through art.
  • discussion
    Museum and private collector
    Boris Fridman collector, Russia; Juan Manuel Sevigliano Campalans managing Director of the Gala – Salvador Dali Foundation, Spain; Mercedes Basso Director of philanthropy at Private Banking CaixaBank, Spain.
    Moderator: Vladimir Raevsky journalist.
    Co-organizers: MIBF Museum line, Russian House in Barcelona Foundation.
  • discussion
    Library inside the Museum
    Silvia Redondo Director of the library of The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya MNAC, Barcelona, Spain;
    Mikhail Tolmachev artist, lives and works in Moscow and Leipzig. Author of the "Serendipity search" concept for the archive and website of the V—A—C Foundation, Russia;
    Valery Ledenev art critic, member of the scientific Department of the Garage Museum of modern art, Russia. Moderator: Varvara Ganicheva, curator of the educational Department of the V-A-C Foundation for contemporary art (Russia – Italy).
    Co-organizers: MIFF Museum line, Russian house in Barcelona Foundation.
New MICBF at Frankfurt Book Fair
October 14-18, 2020
  • discussion
    Children's science pop: who is the author?
    Georgia Grilli professor at the University of Bologna, curator of the international exhibition on children's non-fiction literature, Italy;
    Bernardo P. Carvalho author, illustrator, honored with a special mention at the 2020 Bologna-Ragazzi Prize in the category "Non-fiction", Portugal;
    Grace Maccarone author, editor at the Holiday House, USA;
    Ilya Kolmanovsky science journalist, author of children's books, Russia; Natalia Nartsissova editor at "Alpina non-fiction", Russia.
    Moderator: Edward Nawotka International Editor of Publishers Weekly, USA
    Organized by Moscow International Book Fair in association with Bologna Children's Book Fair
  • discussion
    Children's (non)fiction: interesting or useful?
    John Farndon author, the UK;
    Gillian Engberg consultant on children's literature, the USA;
    Alexandra Litvina author of 'The Apartment: A Century of Russian History', editor-in-chief of 'Peshkom v Istoriyu' Publishing House, Russia; Ekaterina Buntman editor-in-chief of the publishing house 'Labyrinth Press', Russia
    Moderator: Lisa Birger (literary critic, Turkey/Russia)
MIBF and New MICBF at Seoul Book Fair
October 16-25, 2020
The 33rd Moscow International Book Fair held on 2-6 of September 2020 became a collaborative platform for global book industry professionals and international creative forces.
  • Decisions that revive the industry
    The business agenda of the 33rd MIBF focused on the current challenges the global publishing industry is facing.

    The Declaration of the International Publishers Association (IPA) was adopted in Moscow. It is a direct call to action addressed at governments around the world for urgent economic, organisational and other measures to support the book sector in their respective countries by focusing on three areas – rehabilitation of reading infrastructure, stimulating demand for books, and protection and support of intellectual capital. There are clear action plans for each area proposed by the participants of the conference.
  • The IPA International Conference at MIBF
    The IPA International Conference was the first major event ever to present an analysis of the impact of the pandemic on the publishing industry around the world.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the book industry worldwide, slashing revenues by up to 80% in some markets, according to the ongoing IPA poll of publishers in more than 30 major markets. Business panel discussions and keynotes of the 33rd MIBF were mainly aimed at figuring out the new ideas and opportunities for publishers and other book industry professionals which have appeared amidst the crisis.
  • 'Russian Book Market 2020. Overcoming the pandemic. The annual book industry conference at MIBF
    As part of the MIBF, the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications together with the Russian Book Union held the annual Russian book industry conference.
    Opening the conference, Deputy Head of Rospechat Vladimir Grigoriev noted that the book publishing industry was one of the first to suffer during the coronavirus pandemic. However, a number of book publishers around the world showed social responsibility by opening free access to electronic versions of their publications and textbooks. "Good books and good authors helped to overcome the first wave of the pandemic," said Vladimir Grigoriev.
  • The show must go on: meet the hybrid book fair format
    For the first time, the Moscow International Book Fair was held in a hybrid format, making it a unique event for the industry. MIBF was among the first in the world to introduce and successfully implement the dual format of participation, prioritizing the safety of those who wanted to take part in the event. The guests of the fair could choose between visiting the offline venue or watching events online.
  • The only book fair of the season with an offline participation option
    MIBF has become the only international book fair which allowed its participants to physically visit the events, meet the authors and buy the new books, while maintaining high security measures to ensure social distancing and other methods of stopping the virus.
  • Embracing the new norm as the main principle
    The decision to hold the fair in a hybrid online and offline format shows the primary principle of its organizers: we have to embrace the new norm rather than wait until the old order is restored. The global book industry should carefully study the dangers of the new world we live in, work out a set of safety measures and act decisively without hiding from the pandemic behind our computer screens.
  • Safety first
    Safety measures for MIBF offline participants included the special format of the exhibitors' booths and event halls, sophisticated logistics for visitors and exhibitors alike. Guests were allowed to visit the exhibition and take part in the offline event only in sessions which helped to limit the amount of people who were on site simultaneously. Sessions should have been booked in advance. Obviously, everyone was obliged to wear a mask and gloves and all the public spaces were regularly disinfected.
  • The Future Hub : word and more
    For the first time, the fair hosted 'The Future Hub' - a laboratory that investigates interdisciplinary projects in which literature is combined with other forms of art and creative. Clothing designers, photographers, musicians presented books in different forms: they hid lines in a dress, music was frozen in paper and photos were accompanied by stories.
  • MIBF: the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd
    MIBF is not only a book fair, but the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd and content industry professionals

    Here you can find just the right partners and investors to launch your ideas, to create and distribute the new books and other content in a number of formats in a number of markets.
  • The Future is here and digital again
    The annual 'KNIGABYTE. The Future of the Book' forum explored the research of current electronic formats, digitalization of the book industry, online trading and digital marketing

    The program of the forum focused on digital illustrated book publishing and the current trend of Digital DIY. Russian and foreign experts discussed new ideas and practical experience of implementing new technologies in the daily production processes of the publishing house, how to synchronize the production of all formats of books and how to apply artificial intelligence and digital technologies to their daily routines.