The 35th Moscow International Book Fair will be held from 2 to 5 September 2022 at the Gostiny Dvor exhibition complex (Moscow, Ilyinka st., 4).

Applications from participants will be accepted until August 15, 2022.
Participation in the MIBF is possible in several formats:

- without a stand (possibility to apply for events and access to the MIBF site for the Exhibitor's employees);
- with a standard stand;
- with a stand of individual design.

The catalogue of standard stands includes stands with an area of 4, 9, 18, 27 and 36 m²

The Organizer independently arranges the Participants in the exhibition pavilion after the end of accepting applications for participation. The Participant cannot choose the location of the stand.

All stands are linear. Corner and island stands are not provided. It is not possible to change the configuration of a standard stand.

Stands with an area of more than 36 m² are not provided.

The participant is provided with no more than one stand.

The 36 m² stand can be customised to your individual design.

A Participant who has paid the Fair Organizer to participate with a stand according to an individual project can independently order and pay for the development of an individual stand project and its construction to the Official developer of the Gostiny Dvor - LLC EXPO-SERVICE company (Yulia Yerofeeva, +7 (929) 555-06-64, ).

The Participant who has paid the Organiser for participation in the Fair with a stand of an individual design has the right to engage their own Developer. Obtaining the necessary accreditation of the Participant's Developer and approving the individual stand design is a paid service of the official Gostiny Dvor developer Expo-Service Ltd (Margarita Cherednikova, +7 (926) 308-28-48, and is to be carried out and paid for by the Participant himself.

The Exhibitor's Developer is obliged to strictly follow the rules of participation in the Fair, including in terms of compliance with the schedule of installation and dismantling of stands. All costs incurred by the Organiser in case of violation of the participation rules by the Participant or his/her Developer shall be reimbursed by the Participant.

Type of participation

Without a stand – 34 640 rubles;

With a standard stand 4 m² — 34 640 rubles;

With a standard stand 9 m² — 77 940 rubles;

With a standard stand 18 m² — 155 880 rubles;

With a standard stand 27 m² — 233 820 rubles;

With a standard stand 36 m² — 311 760 rubles;

With a stand of an individual design 36 m² — 311 760 rubles.
MIBF archive
New MIСBF 2021 is coming!
New Moscow International Children's Book Fair (8-12 September 2021) will focus on visual narratives in children's non fiction and knowledge books and will become an international coworking for publishers and authors - scientists, philosophers, writers, illustrators, designers, game, software and media specialists who want to describe this world to new generations.
Museum Line at MIBF 2021
In 2021 MIBF Museum Line once again will highlight increasing influence of museums as art and nonfiction publishers as well as will inspect educational, research, exhibition and online activities of leading museums and cultural institutions as sours and platform for further museum & publisher collaboration.
international panel discussion
Current copyright issues in museum exhibition and publishing activities
Russian leading museum specialists and representatives of art copyright enforcement organizations Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain discuss copyright issues in museum exhibition and publishing activities: the medialization of collections, interaction between museums and private collectors, peculiarities of interaction between Russian and foreign museums etc.
Participants: Ksenia Velikhovskaya(head of the editorial and publishing department, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Russia), Eric Valdes-Martines (general director, non-profit partnership 'Art rights management' - UPRAVIS, Russia), Vincent van den Eijnde (managing director, Pictoright, Dutch Society for the Management of Artists' Rights, Netherlands, participates online), Sander van de Wiel (deputy director, Pictoright, Dutch Society for the Management of Artists' Rights, Netherlands, participates online), Mark Waugh (business development director, DACS, not-for-profit visual artists' rights management organisation, the UK, participates online), Javier Gutiérrez (director, VEGAP, Spanish Society for the Management of Artists' Rights, Spain, participates online), Mitko Chatalbashev (regional director for Europe at CISAC and BIEM, the two international umbrella organisations for authors' societies, participates online), Sergey Bogatyrev (vice-president of ICOM Russia, deputy director for public relations, Museum of Russian Icon, Russia), Mikhail Bryzgalov (chairman of the commission on the use of intellectual property and exclusive rights of museums at the Union of Russian Museums, director of the Russian National Museum of Music, Russia, participates online), Ekaterina Ragozina (senior legal adviser of the legal department of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Russia), Yulia Ivashchuk (head of the legal department of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russia, participates online), Alexandra Eritsyan (project manager, Slovo publishing house, Russia), Victoria Rakovskay (head of legal department of Moscow Kremlin Museums, Russia), Evgeny Ryukhin (senior specialist of legal department of Moscow Kremlin Museums, Russia), Irina Lebedeva (director of 'Art Volkhonka' publishing house, Russia), Anna Ignatenko (head of legal department of the Museum of Modern Art 'Garage', Russia), Ekaterina Kalinina (Russian National Museum of Music, Russia, participates online)
MIBF 2020
The 33rd Moscow International Book Fair held on 2-6 of September 2020 became a collaborative platform for global book industry professionals and international creative forces.
The Future Hub : word and more
For the first time, the fair hosted 'The Future Hub' - a laboratory that investigates interdisciplinary projects in which literature is combined with other forms of art and creative. Clothing designers, photographers, musicians presented books in different forms: they hid lines in a dress, music was frozen in paper and photos were accompanied by stories.
MIBF: the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd
MIBF is not only a book fair, but the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd and content industry professionals

Here you can find just the right partners and investors to launch your ideas, to create and distribute the new books and other content in a number of formats in a number of markets.
The Future is here and digital again
The annual 'KNIGABYTE. The Future of the Book' forum explored the research of current electronic formats, digitalization of the book industry, online trading and digital marketing

The program of the forum focused on digital illustrated book publishing and the current trend of Digital DIY. Russian and foreign experts discussed new ideas and practical experience of implementing new technologies in the daily production processes of the publishing house, how to synchronize the production of all formats of books and how to apply artificial intelligence and digital technologies to their daily routines.
Jef Aerts
author, poet, Flemish Prize for best children's book 'Book Lion', three times winner of the Zilveren Griffel, Belgium (Flanders)
Sjoerd Kuyper
author, poet and scriptwriter, holder of the Order of Oranje-Nassau, winner of the six Zilveren Griffels and a Gouden Griffel together with Theo Thijssen-prijs, Netherlands
Georgiy Apazidis
curator of the collection in Stockholm, Sweden
Eman Mohamed
senior programme and awards manager, IBBY section, presents Etisalat Award for Children's Literature UAE, UAE
Fred Minn
Nami Concours organizing committee director, Republic of Korea
Elena Pasoli
manager, Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy
Carolina Ballester
program manager, International Children's Literature Fair Shanghai, China
Frederick Beigbeder
author, France
Lisa Birger
literary critic, Turkey/Russia
John Farndon
author, UK
Gillian Engberg
consultant on children's literature, USA
Geza Andreas von Geyr
ambassador of Germany to the Russian Federation, Germany
Lee Bul
artist, Republic of Korea
Giorgia Grilli
lecturer, University of Bologna, Italy
Bernardo P. Carvalho
author and illustrator, co-founder of Planeta Tangerina, Portugal
Edward Nawotka
Editor, Publishers Weekly, USA
Javier Gutiérrez
director, VEGAP, Spanish Society for the Management of Artists' Rights, Spain
Mark Waugh
business development director, DACS, not-for-profit visual artists' rights management organisation, the UK
Matteo Gaspari
representative of Hamelin Associazione Culturale - organizer of the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul, Italy
Françoise Mouly
author, editor, co-founder, coeditor and publisher of the magazine of comics and graphics Raw, publisher of Raw Books, editor-in-chief of Toon Books, art editor of The New Yorker, USA
Alise Nigale
publisher of Liels un mazs, Latvia
Ricardo Siri Liniers
author, artist, Argentina
Rupert Gatti
director and co-founder of the Open Book Publishers, UK
Charles Watkinson
director of University of Michigan and founder of the Fulcrum publishing platform, USA
Jack Zipes
honored professor, University of Minnesota, translator of Rodari's English version of Fantasy Grammar, USA
Janusz Wiśniewski
author, Poland
Scott McCloud
cartoonist, comic book creator, author of comic book theory, the USA
Paul Gravette
journalist, curator, author, TV presenter, comics publishing expert, UK
Sophie Kinsella
author, UK
Dimitris Nollas
writer, Greece
Mike Omer
author, USA
Agnes Vogt
head of translations/grants for children's literature at the Netherlands Literature Foundation, Netherlands
Patrick Peeters
grant manager at the Flanders Literature Foundation, Belgium (Flanders)
Harriet Muncaster
author, UK
Tom Pollock
author, UK
Thomas Taylor
author, artist, the UK
Keren Klimovski
author, Israel
Mikhail Margolis
writer, author of the book 'A Rare Bird. The first authorized biography of Diana Arbenina and 'Night Snipers', Spain
Trude Marstein
author, Norway
New MICBF 2021 is coming!
Moscow International Book Fair in association with Bologna Children's Book Fair
announced the opening of New MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIR in 2021.
International publishers and illustrators are now welcome to join the special program at MIBF 2020
2-6 September in Moscow and online at MICBF.MIBF.INFO
While we are on a way to the New Moscow International Children's Book Fair launch, we invite once again professionals to join the special MICBF's events at Moscow International Book Fair in September 2020.
This programme that aims to boost the integration of Russian and International publishing societies will be organized by MIBF in association with Bologna Children's Book Fair.

The programme will reflect the outstanding progress that the Russian children's book publishing made in recent years, to designate its place on the international scene, to create new relationships and to strengthen existing ties in the professional community.
Illustration as a vital part of children's book is in our focus. A new generation of illustrators raised within the Russian artistic tradition is increasing in visibility worldwide.

To broaden the influence of visual narratives, this part of the MIBF's programme will be devoted to picture books, comics, graphic novels, fanzines, artist's books. The floor will be given to art groups, art and design schools, art - print enthusiasts.

MICBF's project at MIBF2020 will become the international festival of books, illustrations and visual culture and the catalogue of creative forces rapidly developing on the Russian stage.
For the second time MIBF shall host a special edition of the Illustrator's Survival Corner, a three-day educational marathon created in partnership with Bologna Children's Book Fair and Mimaster Illustrazione (Milan). For years it has been a core event of the Bologna Children's Book fair and one of the leading educational projects in the illustrator's world.

This year all events of ISC will be held online, which will allow young professionals from around the globe, wherever they physically are, to meet Russian and international experts working at the front lines of children's publishing. Our focus this year will be on creative and practical aspects of illustrated non-fiction and graphic novel.
Illustrator, author and graphic artist, Moscow
Illustrator, Spain
Illustrator, Berlin
Creative director Anorak / DOT magazine, Great Britain
Red Nose Studio Inc.
Author, Russia
Picture Book Agent, USA/Italy
Illustrator, Italy
Publisher, Edizioni EL/Einaudi Ragazzi/Emme Edizioni, Italy
Executive editor Holiday House
Illustrator and graphic artist, Russia/Spain
Lecturer, Illustration dept., Graduate School of Design, University Of Seoul
Artists' Rep, USA
Editor in "ARKA" publishing house
Agent, Bright Agency, UK
Illustrator, Russia
Illustrator, founder and professor at Mimaster, Italy
Founder and professor at Mimaster, Italy
Publisher Two Hoots, UK
Founder and managing director of "A walk through history" publishing house, Russia
Иллюстратор, куратор курса "Иллюстрация" БВШД, Россия
Издатель «Ad Marginem A+A», Россия