Book rights: children's book industry
December 21, 2020
How the buying and selling of rights and licenses in the children's book publishing industry works in different countries. Andrine will share impressive statistics on the sale of Norwegian literature, including children's literature. Irina will tell you what expertise the Russian children's book industry lacks to be more attractive abroad. Who can and should support the publication of national children's literature in different countries? What Norway is doing for this, Norla in particular; What is Russia doing for this?
Irina Balakhonova
Owner and creator of one of the biggest and independent children's publishing house in Russia - Samokat.
Andrine Pollen
Holds an MA in Philology from the University of Bergen and is a senior advisor at NORLA, a non-profit literary foundation. Norwegian literature abroad. NORLA promotes Norwegian literature to other countries through active advertising and translation support. NORLA was founded in 1978 and since 2004 alone has supported the translations of about 5000 Norwegian books into 65 languages.
Natalia Lomykina
Journalist, book reviewer