Is a literary journal for children possible today
December 21, 2020
14:00 - 15:00
The publisher, the editor, marketers, illustrator, and writers gathered to talk about the relevance of literary journals for children today in Russia and abroad.
Does a contemporary child need a literature journal? If so, which one: paper or electronic? What are the challenges for children's journals publishers today? And also, do contemporary children know what a literary journal is?
At the end of the conversation, kids answered the questions: how does a book differ from a journal, what makes a journal a journal, why is a paper journal better than an electronic one?
Vera Timenchik
Moderator, curator and producer of children's programs and projects, author of the book "Family with us and with others."
Alexey Oleinikov
Editor-in-chief of the "Cover" magazine
Anastasia Troyan
Editor-in-chief of the Kit publishing house
Olesya Shchukina
Animation director and illustrator. Lives in Paris, teaches illustration at the LISAA School of Design. Draws for children's magazines and applications
Yulia Tonkonogova
Publisher of parent media Chips journal, NEN and Our Children
Polina Korotun
Head of the marketing department for the children's magazines PonyMashka and Klassny Zhurnal