Ways of Integrating Book Printing into Digital Storytelling
December 17, 2020
The printed augmented reality album – # Romanovs100 – as a result of a major digital project. The creators will discuss how to integrate book printing into digital storytelling and create an intrinsically valuable book that can be both part of a bigger story and interesting to the reader as an album As part of the # Romanovs100 project, the most complete photo collection of the royal family was published - several thousand photographs from the Romanov archive, large photography lovers.

The project was implemented on four social media platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The manner of submitting material, the format and content for each platform were their own - short documentary videos, original music, panoramic photographs of a century ago for mobile devices, a competition of creative works, real-time blogs on behalf of historical personalities, VR-animation, as well as an AR-photo album. The result of the online project was the release of a printed album.
Ivor Crotty
Deputy Director of RT's Innovation Projects Directorate, editor, lecturer, and sociologist; worked on digital projects # 1917LIVE, #Romanovs100, and #FansEyeView; Ivor teaches digital media to university students and industry professionals, speaks at international festivals and conferences (Russia-Ireland)
Anna Fedorova
Creative producer of RT's innovation projects #1917LIVE, #Romanovs100, and #VictoryPages, speaker at SXSW EDU festivals, EdCrunch, St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, Russian Creativity Week and lecturer at RT School and digital journalism.RF; Anna is the author of the one-year course Transmedia Storytelling for the HSE Data Journalism Department. She is the face of Russia Beyond
Lena Medvedeva
Editor, copywriter, worked on digital projects #Romanovs100, #VictoryPages
Denis Davydov
Curator of the KNIGABYTE Innovation Forum on digital and cross-platform publishing and innovations for the book industry