Budget-free promo: 20 budget-free PR tools based on book cases
December 18, 2020
20 analytical and practical tools for free book promotion based on real cases. How to segment
the contact base and what strategies to choose for working with it, why PR specialists in book
industry need a BCG matrix, a heat matrix and a PDCA cycle. Why ready-made content is
important and how to use the picture of the day.
Vera Trakhimovich
Founder of the PRPraktika school, PR-lead team for working with the
media of the publishing house MIF. Previously, PR manager of the Clever publishing house and
PR & SMM at Alpina.Children, teacher of the Fish. Books "in the Free Educational Platform,
speaker at Prime Marketing conferences, SMM Camp2018," Effective Press Service "," Heat ",
expert on budget-free PR (Lviv, Ukraine)
Konstantin Bocharsky
Founder of the online service Pressfeed.ru. Author of the book "Ideas for
a million, if you're lucky - two", co-author of the collection "Extreme Marketing. Drive, courage
and higher mathematics ". Speaker on media and communications conferences. Journalist and
editor for major business media with 25 years experience, autor of articels about business ideas,
innovations, technologies, media. Interviewed executives from Google, Facebook, Intel, HP,
Xerox, 3M, Ferrari and others.