MIBF and New MICBF greet
Seoul Book Fair 2020
Free Registration for 34th Moscow International Book Fair and New Moscow International Children's Book Fair 2021
Early bird registration during Seoul Book Fair gives you up to 50% discount for booth and services and a chance to win a fully paid trip to Moscow within MIBF Fellowship Programme and a full online membership for one year
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New MIСBF 2021 is coming!
New MICBF 2021 will focus on visual narratives in children's non fiction and knowledge books and will become an international coworking for publishers and authors - scientists, philosophers, writers, illustrators, designers, game, software and media specialists who want to describe this world to new generations.
Museum Line at MIBF 2021
In 2021 MIBF Museum Line once again will highlight increasing influence of museums as art and nonfiction publishers as well as will inspect educational, research, exhibition and online activities of leading museums and cultural institutions as sours and platform for further museum & publisher collaboration.
About MIBF 2020
The 33rd Moscow International Book Fair held on 2-6 of September 2020 became a collaborative platform for global book industry professionals and international creative forces.
The Future Hub : word and more
For the first time, the fair hosted 'The Future Hub' - a laboratory that investigates interdisciplinary projects in which literature is combined with other forms of art and creative. Clothing designers, photographers, musicians presented books in different forms: they hid lines in a dress, music was frozen in paper and photos were accompanied by stories.
MIBF: the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd
MIBF is not only a book fair, but the fair of ideas and international colab for creative crowd and content industry professionals

Here you can find just the right partners and investors to launch your ideas, to create and distribute the new books and other content in a number of formats in a number of markets.
The Future is here and digital again
The annual 'KNIGABYTE. The Future of the Book' forum explored the research of current electronic formats, digitalization of the book industry, online trading and digital marketing

The program of the forum focused on digital illustrated book publishing and the current trend of Digital DIY. Russian and foreign experts discussed new ideas and practical experience of implementing new technologies in the daily production processes of the publishing house, how to synchronize the production of all formats of books and how to apply artificial intelligence and digital technologies to their daily routines.