2-6 September 2020

Guest of Honor - Republic of Korea

Collaboration of MIBF and the Bologna Children's Book Fair MICBF 2021 IS COMING!

MIBF 2019 was held in a new format and gathered more than 400 publishers from 27 countries of the world. Within the framework of the exhibition, more than 600 events
took place
In 2019 MIBF
400 publishers from 27 countries
600 events
MIBF and the Bologna Children's Book Fair (BCBF) in the framework of the preparation of the new MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIR (MICBF) in 2020 will conduct a program for publishers and illustrators of children's books
The programme aims to reflect the outstanding progress that the Russian children's book publishing made in recent years, to designate its place on the international scene, to create new relationships and to strengthen existing ties in the professional community.

Illustration as a vital part of children's book will be in our focus. A new generation of illustrators raised within the Russian artistic tradition is increasing in visibility worldwide. In order to boost its integration into international environment, MIBF shall host a special edition of the Illustrator's Survival Corner, created in partnership with Mimaster Illustrazione (Milan). For years it has been a core event of the Bologna Children's Book fair and one of the leading educational projects in the illustrator's world.
To broaden the field of visual narratives, a part of the MIBF's programme will be devoted to comics, graphic novels, self-publishing, fanzines, artist's books. The floor will be given to art groups, educational centers, print markets, festivals of visual culture. Thus, the fair will become a catalog of creative forces rapidly developing on the Russian stage.

Although the programme addresses primarily to professionals working in the industry, it will be open both to readers and students, and to everyone who dreams, but does not dare to open his own publishing house or bookstore, to write or draw his/her own book.
Our guests
illustrator and professor, Russia
Irina Balakhonova
publisher, Samokat, Russia
illustrator, Russia
publisher, Enchanted Lion, USA
cofounder of Mimaster Illustrazione, Italy
founder of Debbie Bibo Agency, USA/Italy
illustrator and professor, HSE School of Design, Moscow
illustrator and professor, Mimaster Illustrazione, Italy
publisher, Too Hoots Macmillan, UK
illustrator, Italy
illustrator, Russia/Spain
illustrator, Russia
founder of Accademia Drosselmeier and Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani, curator of Drawn Worlds exhibition. Italy
art director, Feltrinelli, Italy
publisher, Everafter Books, China
Marina Kadetova
publisher, CompassGuide, Russia
director of Moscow Books, Russia
founder of Marshak Bookstore, Russia
publisher, Walk Through History, Russia
Ksenia Kolovershina
art director, Walk Through History, Russia
illustrator, Japan
art director, Albus Corvus, Russia
Mihail Kotomin
publisher «Ad Marginem A+A», Россия
illustrator and Publisher, Pato Lógico, Portugal
illustrator, China
art director, Pink Giraffe, Russia
illustrator, Italy
illustrator and professor, BHSAD, Moscow
art director, Ad Marginem A+A, Russia
agent, Bright Agency, UK
Maria Orlova
pr director, Samokat, Russia
Marina Pankova
art director, Rosman, Russia
publisher, Sputnikat, Russia/UK
illustrator. Russia/Italy
illustrator and designer, Samokat, Russia
illustrator and winner of Silent Book Contest 2018, Russia
illustrator, USA/Russia
Filipp Tretyakov
founder of ESHprint, Russia
publisher, Polyandria, Russia
illustrator, Spain
publisher of Carthusia, organizer of the Silent Book Contest, Italy
publisher, Eye Publishing, Russia
Nadezhda Zheleznova
illustrator, Russia
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